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design is my passion

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With more than 20 years of experience in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Brand Marketing and Communication (BMC) and Human Factors (HFES), I have a deep understanding of the complex world of digital experience and web presence, digital technology, tools and infrastructure, digital security and governance, AI/ML, Web3, Chat GPT, Meta, Big Data, and other technological challenges facing modern enterprises.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced UX/UI

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A purpose driven creative, strategic, and visionary results-oriented global design leader driving digital technology growth and innovation. Extensive experience in leading successful global and local programs, teams, and organizations delivering results.

Work Experience.

Proven track record of driving the organization’s growth, and market share, advancing operations, and partnerships, and delivering results. Passionate about innovation in ICT, HFES, and BMC and staying ahead of industry trends.


A graduate of Ken School of Art, Bangalore,  As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about creating, designing, engineering, and shaping a better working world and I am committed to leveraging my skills and expertise to lead the organization toward achieving its mission.     

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


web design

I’ve worked as a Creative Director for remarkable brands and businesses by using Universal principles of design that convert and deliver leads.


product design

I’ve elevated product experiences by employing Human Centered Design and collaborating in Agile processes.



I’m a versatile designer and illustrator and create unique and memorable experiences for brands and businesses.

more about me


I love to travel, read books, 

watch cinema, listen to music, and practice art.


I’ve travelled across Asia, Europe and North America and hope to explore other geographies in the coming years.


I’m an avid reader and a published illustrator. Some day, I hope to write my own books and contribute to a better working world.


I love movies that lift spirits, I’m a fan of the work of Akira Kurosawa, Ingmar Bergman, Robert Brésson, David Lean, Satyajit Ray, and other talented auteur’s work.


Growing up I listened to classical rock & roll and heavy metal. These days I love soft, abstract, and instrumental music.